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Participants of the OpSIce workshop in Narvik: Stefan Hendricks, Ray Pierce, Adrienne Tivy, Dave Fowler, Bjørnar Sand, Chris Petrich, Sönke Maus, Lennart Fransson, Robin Berglung, Nick Hughes, Rune Storvold. Photo: Hanna Persson.


“Practical Sea Ice”: 1st OpSIce workshop in Narvik, 7-8 May 2014

OpSIce aims to extend the personal network of researchers, engineers, and practitioners from industry and administration working with aspects of ship operations in sea ice. Workshop participants recognize the practical relevance of sea ice to operations in the Arctic and value collaboration to tackle challenges.

The goals of the first OpSIce networking workshop “Practical Sea Ice” are to ensure that participants get to know each other and to facilitate exchange on the challenges that commercial practitioners face when dealing with sea ice on a daily basis. Time will be devoted to general introduction of participants (5 minute presentations) and casual introduction at an individual level (sometimes called “research speed dating”). Since most workshop participants will be experts in the areas of processes, technology or data analysis, discussions will focus on users. Ice operations will be introduced with a general overview on ship operations in sea ice-covered waters. Practitioners (to be confirmed) will talk about their experiences in ice covered waters. Selected operational anecdotes will be presented related to vessel movements in the Northern Sea Route in winter 2014 and summer/fall 2013. Workshop participants will spend time identifying specific users, their needs, and reasons for those needs, sharing their own experience and engaging in creative exchange.

Attendance at the workshop is free of charge. Due to support of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UD), participants will be able to invoice 50% of their actual expenses for travel and time at the workshop. Please register at by Monday, 28 April 2014.

Point of contact: Chris Petrich (Norut Narvik),


List of Participants (as of 28 Apr 2014)

  • Ray Pierce, Master Mariner (Polar Marine Ltd., Canada)
  • David Fowler, Master Mariner (retired, Canada)
  • Lennart Fransson (Luleå University of Technology)
  • Nick Hughes (Norwegian Meteorological Institute)
  • Sönke Maus (Sea Ice Consulting S. Maus)
  • Stefan Hendricks (Alfred Wegener Institute / Drift & Noise Polar Services)
  • Robin Berglund (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland)
  • Rune Storvold (Norut)
  • Adrienne Tivy (Canadian Ice Service)
  • Bjørnar Sand (Norut Narvik)
  • Chris Petrich (Norut Narvik)
  • Aleksey Marchenko (UNIS) (Thu only)
  • Anne Barker (NRC Canada) (by phone, Wed only)


Workshop outline

Wed 7 May 2014

12:00-13:00: lunch

13:00-18:00: workshop

19:30-22:00: dinner


Thu 8 May 2014

8:30-12:00: workshop

12:00-13:00: lunch

Participants’ choice: research speed dating over Narvik, 16th floor Rica.